Gettysburg Cyclorama: A Digital Annotation: HIST 301, Fall 2018, Gettysburg College

Annotated Cyclorama Views

The Cyclorama painting has many stories to tell. Explore the various StoryMaps to reveal the multiple layers of narratives embedded in the painting, including civilian experiences during the battle, medical practices during the war, tactical strategies used by the armies at Gettysburg, the crafting of historical memory, the artistic techniques undergirding painting in the round, and the challenges of preserving this massive piece of art. Most sections of the painting appear multiple times in order to showcase a wide range of stories.

Facing Southeast (View 0)

Facing South (View 1)

Facing South by Southwest (View 2)

Facing Southwest (View 3)

Facing West (View 4)

Facing Northwest (View 5)

Facing North (View 6)

Facing North by Northwest (View 7)

Facing Northeast (View 8)

Facing East (View 9)

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